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Hello, my name is Elaine. I am 23 and a free and easy Southern California girl. I attend a medical college and hope to work in a major medical center someday. I am what most would call a good girl. I keep cussing to a minimum, always wear appropriate clothing and maintain a lady like appearance public. However, I have lately acquired a dark side and I becoming quite the deviant. I have my former roommate Christie to thank for that. Christie and I were sharing an apartment in junior college and after a couple months her boyfriend Ricky moved in. We all became the best of friends and it was a very pleasant arrangement. Christie was doing an internship on a graveyard shift at a nursing home.

I went to bed around ten and was sound asleep when I felt a warm body next to me. It had to of been around midnight and half asleep I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. I felt my the crotch of my panties being moved aside and the blunt head of a penis try to enter my vagina. Now I was worried since I have had sex only once.  A little scared and not wanting the situation to get any worse I parted my legs a bit since I was laying on my side. Finally he was able to get full penetration and thankfully I was a little aroused so he was able to stroke his erection in and out with not much discomfort, I admit I liked the way his dick pinched my pubic hair. It was over as quick as it started when I felt his warm ejaculate fill my entire vagina. He just got and left after I was violated. The next morning I wondered if it was a dream, since it did feel nice or was it something more. It was something more judging by the semen stain.

The next night around midnight I heard my bedroom door open and a warm body slip into my bed. This time I was laying ion my stomach and again I felt my panties part and  he blunt tip of his penis enter me again. I was so aroused I could feel my wetness and heard my vagina with each long stroke he made. This time I helped a bit.

I wanted to feel his hard shaft go all the way in me, I started to do what most good girls fear. I was fucking a stranger and loving it every inch of his cock inside my wet pussy. My orgasm was abrupt, wet and made me quiver. I had never cum before since good girls don't masturbate. After he filled my pussy with his load he got up and left. I was pretty sure it was Ricky and I now despised and loved all at the same time.
The next morning I overheard Ricky and Christie talking in her room. Evidently Ricky had her permission to do me in the manner he did and while they were obviously fucking, he was telling her every detail. Christi was always a screamer when she cums.
I confronted Christie that afternoon and we talked about her little orgasm kink and I agreed that I liked it too. That evening we made arrangements for her to watch as Ricky came into my room and fucked me again. This time was much more exciting. He held me down and Christie was rubbing her pussy shouting out to Ricky on how to fuck me.
I came many times that night and Christie made my chair wet with her clit rubbing. The best part was when instead of Ricky cuming in me, he came on me. I had never seen a man shoot his load and it was spectacular.
I cant wait for the surprises you have in store for me. just remember I am a good girl.

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