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Hello Boy's its nice to meet you, I am Aunt Constance. A big turn on for me is if you would call ma Aunty. I am divorced, a grandmother and I am pretty sure I became a slut six years ago.

My youngest  sister asked if I could keep an eye on my nephew Keith who had just gotten his drivers license and already had a wreck. He had shattered his right leg. The problem was my sis had to work, her house had stairs and mine doesn't. Besides I am retired and I am happy to help out family.

Keith was in pretty bad shape and confined to bed. It was a blast playing the nurse and he is a real charming boy. He had been over for a few days and it was time for me to sponge him down.

  There I was sponging him down and I noticed he had an erection. I though to myself, that its normal and tried my best to ignore his hard situation. Then he got a look on his face, the look of a man cuming. The poor boy ejaculated and was very embarrassed. I told Keith not to be embarrassed, its normal for young men to orgasm like that. I pulled back the sheet and his cock was revealed to me, along with his creamy mess. I lifted his semi hard dick and sponged off the cum.

I left him to his T.V. and my pussy was soaking wet. I went straight to my bedroom, slipped off my wet panties And quickly rubbed off an orgasm. To take mind off my young charger, his perfect cock and how horny I am for him, I spent a couple hours doing house work.

That evening I took Keith his dinner and left him to his baseball game. It was awkward, but I pushed through it. When I went back to his room he had the bed sheets down and was displaying a massive erection.

I put my lips on the tip of his swollen cock head and gave him a blowjob. I felt a finger slip under my panties and he rubbed my fat clit. It only took a minute and I gushed out an orgasm at the same moment he filled my mouth full of his hot cum.

This went on for the next month several times a day. Finally his cast was removed and my nephew was a regular visitor and learned how to work his hard cock in and out of my hairy pussy.
My nephew still visits, he can sense when his Aunt Constance meaty twat needs some special attention. How about you? Can you help out old Aunt Constance? I have no restrictions, my body is yours and my old cunt cant wait for your call. 

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