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Hello all, my name is Ailia. I am a only child and my family immigrated from Ireland when I was only three, barely out of diapers. I am now studying to be a veterinarian at our state college. 

I am not the innocent little girl my mommy and daddy think I am and who I am sexually started my first year of high school.

Mom and Dad had to settle an estate back in the home country and my cousin Mary moved in for the next couple weeks to watch over me so I wouldn't miss any school.

Mary was 35 at the time, was and still is single. She is a stout, yet pretty woman and the first night I found out why she is still single.

After I finished my studies she announced it was our shower time, the weird thing was we were taking it together. As we undressed I couldn't help but notice her massive breasts, silver dollar size nipples and the mound of pubic hair covering her pussy like a carpet. I on the other hand was just starting to bud with what Mary called "puffers' and my fur could be described as peach fuzz. Mary soaped up and I admit it was hot watching her lather up her breasts and her huge nipples grew hard as a rock. When she finally got to her mature pussy and rubbed the huge labia I was a bit turned on. She handed me the wash cloth and I followed suit.

My "puffers" swelled up and grew hard. The when I began to scrub my pussy, Mary pulled her labia apart and began rub her clitoris really fast. She told me to keep washing my little twat and she kept fingering her clit. Then she grunted, stopped rubbing and squirted just a bit. We hugged, dried off and went to bed.

Under the sheets we talked about her orgasm and I confessed I had the urge to touch my pussy. Mary slid her hand under my panties and began to rub my hard little clit. It felt too good and I told Mary I needed to pee, but she kept rubbing. My pussy felt like it needed something in it and my mind flashed images of hard cocks penetrating me.

Then my very first climax happened. At first I thought I peed, but it was just my juices flowing as my twat contracted and I felt like heaven just touched me.

This continued for the next week, I felt complete and I never wanted Mary to leave. The last few days before mommy and daddy returned Mary had a special surprise, her boyfriend Dave spent the night. To make a long story short I did lose my virginity, I have developed a real affection for cum and I am constantly craving cock. Especially if it has big swollen head on it.
I am into role play, kinky no limits sex games and I really mean "no limits". Bring it on and lets make our session nasty, fun and one to remember.

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